I used to drive 80 miles one way to work. Now I walk up 13 steps to my new office fresh with paint and photos and the smell of new machines from my Career Transitions for Dancers grant.   I miss my old co-workers and the silliness we had in a day’s work.  It has been an adjustment for me to walk up those 13 stairs and sit at a desk, in front of this here computer, and ‘work’. 


A few weeks ago I went to the Global Leadership Summit.   Speakers from Bill Hybels to Jim Collins to Condoleeza Rice all had impactful and important things to say.  Since then I’ve been coming to work with their words in my head. (I paraphrase) “You are the lucky ones. How many people around the world get to come to work every day to organizations that are doing things to change people’s lives? Government can’t deliver compassion. The work of investing in the least advantaged has to be done by those who believe their lives are worthy.  Be grateful for your chance to lead!”


Those and many more truths have made me more grateful for my position. I love having devoted time to invest in moving COME UNITY ahead, and not just a quick hour here and an hour there. Thank you to the special people and to my church for helping me raise support to ‘work’ here at COME UNITY.  Your support and your belief in me is so moving.  And so, as I sit here at the computer above the 13 stairs it’s not just me that is here--- but a team of people invested and believing that we are making our mark.  And we are.