Happy 2011 everyone!

It's been just over a month since we returned from Africa, and COME UNITY's got a lot of things in motion. The other day I was stuffing envelopes and mailers with photos and letters from COME UNITY's 15 sponsor girls to their generous sponsors, and I was trying not to get overwhelmed. One sponsor girl writes, "I really don't know how to thank you because of your kindness towards me. I'm 100% happy and sincerely wish you good fortune as you sponsor me and may God shower you with unending blessing." Each is so grateful! You can afford $1.40 today, can't you? And tomorrow? These girls are so worth it. We plan to take on more sponsorships this spring, and if you are interested in this incredible relationship email Ashley for more.

If you are interested in joining COME UNITY's Cattle Campaign next week will be the final week to do so. We have agreed to purchase nine heifers for the parent group of our sponsor girls. They will work together to raise these cattle and at the end of the two year sponsorship period, these cows will serve as the cushion the parents need to provide for themselves--- and not on our aid. The best thing we can do for them is to enable them to provide for themselves, and so we look forward to the day we leave them,empowred, to do that. If you'd like to join us, and purchase a cow let Kristin know by the end of next week. One cow is $250, we will send you updates, photos and you will get to name your Kenyan heifer!

We will teach the students of Penn Christian Academy about this on Friday. The old saying goes, "if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime." We will talk with the students about our work, about giving of our gifts and abilities to those in need, and about our concern to not create dependency on our aid. We continue to learn and explore ways to do this as we grow. The students of PCA have been raising funds for COME UNITY for two years now, thanks to the encouragement of Teacher Joanne Russell, and we are grateful for their support!

My team and I recently thought through future goals for COME UNITY for 2011 and beyond. Among our plans for a new webiste and 501(c)3 status this year, we hope to:

-6k COME UNITY Run/Walk. Early May, in East Norriton, PA AND Fort Wayne, IN!!! Exact dates and locations coming soon!

-Illustrating Truths Dance and Art Expo. Mid-September. Philadelphia.

-Sponsorship push, New Years Event, 2012 Calendar, Alternative Gift Market, Enterprise Market (and more!)

Did you know you can now donate tax-deductible to COME UNITY online! In the 'designation' line click COME UNITY! https://www.sagepayments.net/sagenonprofit/shopping_cart/forms/donate.asp?M_id=423371775356

So, thanks for being part of changing the world.