i'm so excited by COME UNITY lately.  our 6k is totally in the works.  we adopted 'zapevents' to handle registrations... and it feels so empowering to have an official web registration page and be taking on registrations.  come one come all.  this will be our first major event that is outside the dance realm.  i mean, we have almost completely raised funds to this point by hosting dance events.  dance is what i do.  its my passion, and returning to work this week after nearly a year off with a knee injury has reminded me of that love.  back to the 6k---- this is cool opportunity for nondancers to DO SOMETHING--- to sweat and work to make a difference.  i'm not an avid runner... but there are loads of you out there, and so many of you are excited to do what you love to do to contribute to causes like ours--- that is worthy and making a difference.   april 18th.  don't miss it. 
we're also really working to plan a trip to africa this summer.  our partner there, help a child africa, is aiding us in planning some dance events in kenya that will serve as fundraisers... just the way we do it here in the states.  i'm not going to say much more than that now.  but i am incredbly excited to take a group of dancers to africa with me.  my friends and coworkers, along w many others, have danced their booties off to build two water wells.  to walk the dusty roads of africa, and let them see the clean water and shake the hands of the peoples who's lives are changed... will be a day of celebration!   and the nondancers on the trip will have a part as well--- of helping all the other elements of producing a show go off as successful.
how's your giving going?  have you been giving with your time? your words? your emails and phone calls?  your gas money?  funds?  it makes us all better people and i want to be better at it in my life.  its the root of what COME UNITY is.  giving.