Until now, COME UNITY has most often looked like a dance event.  I mean, when people like you come to a COME UNITY event, they'll come to a theatre and find a lot of beautiful dancers on stage, spending their lives and talents on doing somethign good for someone else.  And i love it.  Dance is what I do.  So i love it.  Last weekend was the 6k.  I don't know much about 6k's or 5k's... as they typically are.... but there was a special something in the air that day.  We were up late the night before the race, bagging tshirts and watching the number of registrations climb beyond the number of tshirts we had ordered... and we started thinking, o gosh, WHAT are we going to do.  mind you, a good problem to have when you're doing a fundraiser :)   So we chose to rejoice at the 150 some racers...  and went to bed.  We woke up to an incredible morning, crisp and clear.  Gorgeous.   The runners slowly trickled in, and there was a moment when we all walked out to the 'starting line' just before 9:30.  All of a sudden we were all there together, and I had a new though.  THIS is COME UNITY.  This group of people standing here, doing what they do for people in need... for something greater than themselves, for something they believe in. It has grown outside the dance world.  It has grown into communities other than my own.  It was an overwhelming and beautiful moment.  And from that point on I'm seeing COME UNITY in a bigger way.  Inclusive and amazing.  If you joined us that day, thank you.  You know how special that day was.  If you missed it, wait till next year.  Its gonna be even better!