I write from a internet cafe in the Addis airport.  One week has gone quickly in Africa, each day feels like three days in one--- getting up and doing the morning, travel during the day, visit new communities at night.  This is the first time we've been on a computer all week, and in a few hours we'll arrive in Nairobi.  But first, an update on week one, Ethiopia.

The world can be a tiny place.  On our flight from Istanbul to Addis I sat next to a man who actually knows my cousin Mike.  The man is a MLS scout, here looking at players from the national team.  A reminder that though we are far from home, there is familiarity in the strangest places.  Jess and I arrived quite tired and late in Addis Ababa.  Pastor Mekebib picked us up from the airport, then the other guys early the next morning. 

Day one we spent in Addis, just seeing Mekebib (meck-bib)'s local church there, visiting his church, hearing stories of what they are doing for their community, assessing the need.  He hosted us the whole week, and I'm glad for the chance to get to know him over six days.  He is doing a lot of cool things in his local church, but also responsible for the other rural communities we would visit later in the week.  Tuesday we drove to Jimma and stayed for one night there, doing much the same thing we did in Addis, and then Weds we drove into the most rural part of the country.  Google Shishinda and that is what they say is closest to what you can find on a map.  Beta Ganet is where we camped.  Two nights.   We felt safe, and the most difficult thing on those nights were the thunderstorm and rain that soaked our tent!!!  ugh :(  The local churches each have their own amazing stories of what God is doing amongst them.  Really, we heard incredible and unbelievable stories and were happy for the chance to encourage the local communities and leaders. 

We assessed many needs and look forward for the chance to further our work here.  At one church, while the team was speaking I went with Jess out back to use the  bathroom we looked to the left.  They were slaughtering a goat!!!!  For us :(    We ate as best we could.  We were surprised with plates of lamb more than once, once at 7am, once after we had stuffed ourselves full of granola bars and  dried fruit.  Oh and beef jerkey.  It is an honor to have a goat sacrificed, and we want to do all we can to honor the people.

The people are often the same, curious looks in their eyes and excited for the chance to connect with us.  We have made many friends, and it has been a fun week traveling the country and reconnecting with some folks we've known for years.  We'll arrive in Nairobi in a few hours and will be joined by the rest of our team on Tuesday morning.  Thanks so much for all who have chosen to love and support us, and make this work happen.  What we are doing is not possible without you.   More soon...

K and the team :)