Just in July I had the privilege of taking our first team to Africa.  What a joy for me to watch my teammates experience Africa through their own eyes.  I was so excited to share a world with them that has been part of my life for so long, and part of their lives as well--- yet, from across the ocean.  As incredibly smart, observant generous individuals it was awesome to see them take in Africa--- and to learn from the things that impacted each of them in profound ways.  They respond differently, engage differently, have heartache differently, and even take pictures differently--- I enjoyed the fact that Niall was taking photos of the typical blue sheet metal roofs, and squatty pottys along the way.  Rachel was quick to make our friends at ease and take photos of them that do their personalities justice.  I loved that Jess was so engaging, vision-oriented in the way she processed ‘the work’ part of what we do in East Africa.  Peggy was struck by so many injustices that make the simple way of life there so far from the ways we live.  As we were leaving our good friends in Ilbissil, I was struck by the blessing that Pastor Kiroka left us with.  He said (not quoting word for word…)

                ‘We know that Kristin has been coming to see us, and that many people have been hard at work raising money so we can have water and our girls can go to school.  Now we see you.  You are not old, rich or powerful people.  You are young and you are regular individuals, you have average jobs.  But we see your hearts, that you are giving what you can.  We are so thankful to you.’

Going to Africa can often be overwhelming.  I want to help everyone.  I want to say ‘yes’ to every need we come across.  But we have limited funds, limited time, and limited people.  If we sit around thinking about our limits, we would never do a thing--- the greater point is that we CAN do something!  We can change one life, and another life.  One community and another community.  Thank you to you young, regular, giving folks who have journeyed with us thus far.