In not so many weeks we’re heading back to Africa!  We are in pursuit of COME UNITY’s next partners—some of the most difficult work we do.  We have quite a checklist of things we are looking for---  getting to know and coming to trust people you’ve known for such a short time is a challenging work, and comes with a lot of discernment and prayer.  However, that is part of what our trip is about.  Myself, and fellow board member Jessica Petrolati will be in Ethiopia for one week doing just that.  We will join a small team from Storehouse Church, and be connecting with some rural communities that don’t often have visitors.  Did I say rural?


The following two weeks will be spent in Kenya, with a select COME UNITY team of committed givers.  We will check in with our past partners and experience the culture, envision the road ahead for COME UNITY, put our hands and feet to work when we can in Ilbissil, Kibera, and other areas.   I’ll do Africa with a group of folks who have never been there before.  I am excited to see them take it in, and to watch as Africa rubs her mark on their lives--- to come home and see that change them forever.  I look forward to watching them connect with people who are familiar as family to me now.  I want to look in their eyes when people recount the stories of how clean water and education we’ve provided has radically changed their lives.   This small team is the first of many that will walk African soil with COME UNITY. 


We are still in fundraising mode for my team of Jess, Peggy Petteway, Niall Lessard and Rachel Schatz.  If you’d like to join us in making a mark on COME UNITY’s causes by donating to their trips, shoot us an email,  As always, we covet your prayers for safety, health, guidance, discernment and wisdom as we travel from 6/19 thru 7/10.  More soon.