Its true! I've had a little hiatus from COME UNITY to be married to the love of my life in the beginning of April. And in a few weeks I am officially retiring from my 12 year career of being a professional ballerina. Big big changes!  What's next!?!  Glad you asked.  I will be the Director of this great organization and to keep my feet in the dance world, teach more dance.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead COME UNITY with all its challenges and joys. My first trip to Africa was in 2007, and it changed my life. I left there with what felt like a responsibility, and a broken heart. I vowed to do all I could to help people who live in dire poverty and pain. In the years since 2007, I believe COME UNITY has been laying a strong foundation of volunteers and Board Members, supporters and donors, partners and opportunities. In the past few months we have officially gained non-profit status along with a grant from Career Transition for Dancers that will allow us to grow from that firm foundation into an integral bold non-profit organization ready to empower people and change lives.

I could never stomach the thought of using the generous contributions that donors give at our fundraisers and use them for something like a salary. I want to be able to look our donors in the eye and ensure them that their funds are going exactly to where we say they’re going. When a 6k races to raise funds for clean water projects, we will build boreholes with those funds--- not hire an employee. And even so, the Board and I believe that a partial salary is necessary to invest the proper amount of time, energy and zeal into COME UNITY’s efforts. We are going big. We need a team to do it. 

We need your partnership.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Director’s Campaign, please email Kristin,