this was a big week for COME UNITY!   i want to share my excitement with you.  i'm often here behind the keys of the computer organizing fundraisers, communicating with Africans, putting teams and meeting and documents together to make this thing go.  not to say that it can lose its luster, but sitting behind the keyboard doesn't exaclty compare to the thrill of speaking in front of the crowd about what i'm passionate about or walking the dirty roads of Nairobi dreaming about our next project.  BUT.   there are moments like this week when the good things and the way forward is exciting and overwhelming    

NINE- cows were purchase and walked nearly 50 miles to their new home in Ilbissil.  i could hear the joy in Pastor Kiroka's email, saying the rains have come as well and their community is changed forever because of the generous donation we have given.

TEN- registrations for our PA 6k race.  now's the time to get them pouring in.  we have gone big for this race, Micah Clarke will be playing live, Pretzel City Sports will be timing our race, we have smashingly aweomse volunteers and tshirts!

ONE- date picked out for our Fringe Fest show, 9/18.  local choreographers are starting to respond to the call and desire to be part of out show, "Illustrating Truths".  Their mission:  Illustrate one from a list of ten facts that COME UNITY aims to fight against. 

ONE- trip to Africa pretty much finalized.  Yup, you heard right, to Ethiopia and Kenya we go!