This letter is from Carolyne. She is new to our sponsorship program, we hope to find sponsors for her and 14 classmates starting january 1, 2013. $1.40 a day make a huge impact on her life.

I am Carolyne the first born girl of John Saekro. We have seven siblings, three girls and four boys. Three are in secondary while four are still in primary level.

My father has no work he is a disabled. When you ask him for the school feeds he normally tells me that how can I struggle and yet I have no money?. I have no legs to work for money. If you want you can go and get married or if you want to continue schooling get out of my family. This makes my younger sister to run out of the family. She is nowhere to be seen now.

I have struggled until now whereby I am in form four but still having a huge school balance. My mother was struggling for us but now she has developed ulcers due to the stresses that she is undergoing through.

We have left only without any parental care so I’m the one acting as a parent and during the holiday we normally do some tender so that to get money to buy food and basic needs.

My younger brothers usually go to the forest to collect firewood and turn back at evening then very early in the morning they take it to the hotels so that they can get money to buy food. We usually strain to buy uniform.

However, my aunts who was to depend on them threatened us like street children they normally call us as street children but I used to tell God to help me in order that I can help our family. I wish that in my future I may be an advocate who can care for all people and know other people in need.

Yours faithfully,