On Friday my friend Kevin and I are going to Nashville.  Since 2007 COME UNITY has happened upon so many amazing partners all over the world.  We have Project X in LA, Help a Child Africa in Kenya, Compassion Corps in Glen Mills, PA.  You can call it coincidence...  I don't because I don't believe in coincidence.  A mutual friend connected me to Jennifer Harwell who runs Nashville.  I looked into her group a bit and got excited about what she's doing.   Nashville in Motion is a school and dance company doing performance for the cause... much like community.   There are a few families in their network who are looking to adopt kids from Africa and Haiti.  So, the fundraiser that Kevin and I will take part in this weekend will mostly benefit those families.  And COME UNITY's link to people doing really awesome things all over this world grows.  Yesterday we were in the studio rehearsing a little bit.  And I had such a great time.  Our friend, Laney is donating her time and service to teaching us her beautiful piece of choreography.  It is a priviledge to serve this cause.  Kevin and I will do 'Steps and Stuff' this Friday and Saturday, 7pm.  Harpeth Hall in Nashville.  See you then.