Last weekend was Fringe Fest.  This was the BIGGEST collaboration of dancers we’ve ever attempted, and it was a sheer success.  It was incredible to look at the blank stages as dancers from all regions--- NJ, NY and Philly blanketed the stage with their tendues and plies.  Ballet dancers.  Jazz dancers.  Modern dancers.  They all shared the same generous spirit.  Some friends from Lustigdancetheatre have been doing events like this since 2007.  They are the tried and true COME UNITY veterans, if there is such a thing.  The newbys included 180 Dance Company, Opus 1, both Philly based groups.  Old friends Jonathan Windham brought some friends from NYC to join the parade, and Justin Bryant brought a partner from Philadanco.  Cameron Lussier choreographed his second piece for COME UNITY.  Backstage was a little, well, congested.  But, we surely made it work.

The lobby was decorated by photos that illustrated the ten truths.  For sale were amazing baked goods, African goods like recycled paper necklaces and most importantly, beadwork from our friends in Ilbissil, Kenya.  The audience wanted a piece to remember the night.  

I left the Painted Bride that night, full of happy.  Full of joy.  Full of gratitude for those who gave.  Full of hope that this cause is not mine alone- but yours as well.  Let’s be honest--- an event like this is lots of work.  Work that makes your hands and feet tired, but your heart swell with fullness.  Worth it?  For sure.

(PS. We are going to put together a committee to put on our Fringe Fest event year to year.  Wanna join that team?  Motivated?  Go getter?  Got some leadership or organizational skills?  Email