Among lots of other things, I have been hard at work this week on The Cattle Campaign.  Maybe a cow is just what you wanted for Christmas. :) 

Yesterday I visited Kitui.  Met Eric who sunk a borehole on his father's property, and has done an amazing job cultivating the land.  He has three greenhouses, and the tomatoes and peppers are thriving!  He has cows and mangoes and paw paw that we call papaya.  They are revolutionizing the way their entire area does farming, and it was quite a learning experience for me.  "All of this is what can happen when you have water."  Sometimes I think so small, but water changes everything.

I spent some time visiting venues in case COME UNITY comes to Kenya with a few dancers to do some performing, it is in the works people, so get your passports ready.  The day will come and I am SOOOO excited for that.

COME UNITY’s Cattle Campaign.  One of COME UNITY’s top priorities is to aid third-world communities in becoming self-sufficient.  We believe its better to teach a man to fish than to simply give him a fish.  And we want to work in a way that does not create dependency on our aid.  15 families in Ilbissil, Kenya, are benefiting from our Girls Sponsorship Program.  During this two-year sponsorship period COME UNITY will aid them with income generating activities, so that at the end of the two year period, the families will be able to provide for their daughter’s education themselves.  We plan to provide nine heifers that will be shared among the 15 families.  They will work together to fatten them and take care of them, and they will serve as educational sustenance when the period finishes.

Join COME UNITY by providing one heifer towards the Cattle Campaign.  One good heifer is $250 USD.  Your cow will be named after you and we’ll send you photos and updates twice a year!  We are planning to purchase cattle by the end of this month—so act fast!  It is the perfect gift for the person who has everything!  To purchase a heifer email Ashley Hughes,, or visit COME UNITY’s Enterprise Market.  You’ll receive a small cow carving to represent your contribution and generosity, and that warm fuzzy feeling that you did something really good.  Merry Christmas!

We are well underway at planning a few smashing 2011 fundraisers!  Those include…
Philly 6k Run/Walk for Water
Indiana 6k Run/Walk for Water
Illustrating Truths, Dance Event and Art Exhibition
Dance Event and team trip to Kenya

Thanks for your generous support and for making 2010 COME UNITY’s best year yet!  We believe there is much more to come.  God bless you!