have you ever had a dream?  i mean, a really big dream, like taking a trip to somewhere crazy exotic, like, nepal or madagascar?  or making it big-- being on american idol, or dancing with american ballet theatre?  maybe the dream is having a family of four children, two dogs and a nice house.  ive realized how much COME UNITY is my dream.  i didn't set out to do any of this... but i am so challeged by grandeur of it all.  as we seek to climt the new heights, it feels a little scary to step out into the unknown.  but no guts no glory, our risks will be rewarded.  do i dare to dream of building 1000 water wells?  of taking two teams of folks hungry to understand life in Africa there each year?  do i dare dream to think that COME UNITY could be a job for me oneday?  that folks all around us will be inspired to help raise funds by doing what they love to do?  do i dare get excited about runs for COME UNITY, and baking competitions for COME UNITY, finshing tournaments for COME UNITY.  what about video game contests for COME UNITY or art shows for COME UNITY?  do i dare think of hosting a volunteer appreciation night for 50 volunteers, faithful and true, passionate and inspiring.  do i dare think of a staff of 5?  a website that knocks your socks off?  all the little lives in the third world who might grow up in school, drinking clean water, knowing how to grow crops, make a living, have a savings.  all the older lives who might teach younger generations about love, about caring for one another.... or about clean sanitation.  do i dare dream?  YES.  i dare to do it.  i have hope these things will come true.  i am seeking the paths to walk towards all of these, and i have a good gang around me.  i have more on the outskirts of what we're doing that have a heart to be part of all this.  i'm excited.  i challenge you to dream your biggest dreams tonight.