It’s official.  COME UNITY took a few baby steps forward on establishing as a 501(c)3 organization.  And, right off the bat they were asking for our Board of Directors and their estimated hours devoted to COME UNITY per week. COME UNITY has a Board of five members, a team that has been committed to who we are and what we’re all about for years now.  They are different and talented, they bring beautiful and unique things to the table, they are passionate about seeing two communities changed in how we operate.   Round two of this process involves some detailed and probing questions about who we are, how we work.  Do we raise funds for individuals or other organizations, will we have a facility, do we operate outside the US and with whom, do we own intellectual rights or rights to any art?  Answering them involves searching into the depths of who COME UNITY is---  and although we aren’t a blank slate there is a lot of white empty paper.  Pick up the markers, team, and let’s make something beautiful, something that really describes who we are.  A year or so ago, I read an article that stated that having a non-profit organization today is like yesterday’s generation owning the latest Nintendo system.  That makes me laugh, a NPO feels like a new toy in a way.  But more than that, it feels like a really cool opportunity to do things big, and do things right, to change the world the way we want to.  This is a substantial season of life for COME UNITY.  The process has its challenges, but on the other side is a freedom to embrace the world with a lot of zeal and passion.  Look out, here we come!!