geez, i'm tired this morning.  what would my life look like if i had to go four miles to get some water so i could take a shower this morning?  i really don't feel like going that far, i'm not sure i could do half that.  and then, carry it back?  come on. 
today is World Water Day.  people around the globe are celebrating, and for more on that visit  COME UNITY is celebrating with the champange because today in Ilbissil, Kenya they are drinking clean water.   the pump, piping and tanks are currently being in stalled so that the community will have clean water, and the pipes will take the fresh water to the Ilbissil Primary School, Secondary Girls School and African Inland Church in Ilbissil.  we are more than thrilled.
we'll continue our water bringing pursuits april 18th at the 6k.  i check our 'official' sign up list pretty often via the zapevent page, and each time i get more excited for the familiar names... and especially for the unfamiliar names joining in what COME UNITY is up to.  we are praying and considering what is next, now that this Ilbissil project is wrapping up nicely.  if i do say so myself, it feels good :)  many of you have helped--- ARB, Rider, SIMBT, ShC, you know who you are.  my amazing team that really makes things happen.  love you all.  Happy World Water Day to you.