Last July, we had an incredibly successful trip to Kenya and Ethiopia. We forged new relationships in Ethiopia, started a borehole project in Sheda and took a small team to Kenya that experienced a wealth of people, culture, regions of the country and reality of what our work actually looks like overseas.  We had a great trip and everyone learned a lot.  We were looking forward to a return trip in a few weeks, but ‘tis not the case for 2012.

It’s the first time we’ve ever postponed a trip, and although it will be a very long stretch between trips to Africa we are confident that we’ve made a good choice.  The main objectives of our 2012 trip were to visit our borehole site in Sheda, Ethiopia, spend some time with our partners there and visit Pokot, Kenya, and the 16 new girls we added to our Sponsorship Program in January.  We were travelling with a small team of committed COME UNITY volunteers that each has a vast compassionate heart for the plight of Africa.

As with every trip we make, safety is first and foremost. But, what is safety after all? How do we judge what is safe and what is unsafe?  When we are safe at home and when are we safe abroad? Living in a post 9/11 era, safety looks different than it did 15 years ago. Al Shabaab is a radial sect threatening the consistency and stability of East Africa.  The US government has upped travel restrictions since their recent uproars, and although I’m sure we would have travelled to Africa and back with thousands of worthy stories, they will have to wait -- for now.

Kenya, especially has been a gateway into East Africa, and/or other African countries that have been less stable in the past. We should keep Kenya and the stability of East Africa in our prayers.  Lives are at stake and COME UNITY is all about bettering lives.