Mick Hughes lost his battle to cancer earlier this month.


Mick was a generous supporter of COME UNITY’s Sponsorship Program and has sponsored one of our girls in Ilbissil since we launched our program. His daughter, Ashley, is the head of our Sponsorship Program and knows how many extra fees, charges and legitimate needs transpire through a program like ours. We would like to set up this fund to have resources for costs relative to our Sponsorship Program. These could be: providing for outgrown school uniforms, supplies, books, Bibles, feminine hygiene products, special speakers for encouragement. If there are remaining funds we could provide a scholarship fund towards one or two of our sponsor girls who plan to pursue further education.


On a personal note, Ashley has been one of the longest truest supporters of COME UNITY.  She was part of COME UNITY before there wasn’t anything, really, to be part of.  She has believed in COME UNITY even when I haven’t. I never had the honor of meeting her father, Mick, but in recent weeks I have heard plenty of stories to know that the extreme generosity, commitment, love and devotion that I have known through Ashley is an inherited Hughes family trait.  What a world it would be if we all lived such intentional generous lives as Mr. Hughes did.


To contribute to the Mick Hughes Girls Sponsorship Support Fund, please make checks payable to ‘Compassion Corps’.  Please write “Mick Hughes Fund” in the memo line. Send them to:


PO Box 63

Bridgeport, PA 19405.


God bless you, and God bless the Hughes Family.