There is a mound on my floor of things that will soon be in my suitcase.  I am trying not to make the pile so big --- but a big part of my pile is the goody bags and gifts to our sponsor girls that the folks at SHC helped COME UNITY pack at their 5th Sunday event.  Its amazing that a tiny bar of soap, a few pens, shampoo, toothbrushes can light up their eyes.  I think the tiny flashlight keychain will be quite the hit.  I look forward to seeing this team experience Africa for the first time.  That’s what really did me in, the first trip.  Its like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and though I have tried to prepare them in small and big ways---- you can never really be prepared.

Jess and I will spend week one in rural Ethiopia.  We will join our Pastor and a small team and travel to some pretty rural areas, near Jimma.  Pastor JR has a soft spot for people involved in church leadership in rural communities.  These people are stepping up to fill the need when they see one.  They have no training, no funds, no support.  They are simply doing a job because its what needs to be done.  I think our team will be able to give them a lot of tools and encouragement to press on.  If COME UNITY can be involved in future partnerships and projects then we are open to that.  We love the fact that JR and his friend Larry have been in communication with these folks for years, and are building relationships out of trust.

Weeks two and three will be in Kenya.  We will have the opportunity to visit lots of projects – Kibera, Ilbissil, Pekot.  More.  Our team will be bombarded with Kenyan culture in the best of ways… see COME UNITY’s boreholes, sponsor girls, and cattle!   We look forward to greeting old friends and making new friends.  We will even spend a day or so on a game drive at Nakuru National Park!  Home of many flamingoes!  We will talk about COME UNITY’s goals and COME UNITY’s future.  How we can continue making a difference.  This team will pave the way for many other teams just like it.  Wanna join us in Africa?...  It’ll rock your world.