Its again been too long since I last wrote.  One day I will become a frequent blogger.  So much is going on with COME UNITY.  Over the past few months things at work have become very unclear-- the organization is in financial woes, as so many organizations are these days.  Things that have been stable in my life for so long, are no longer.  But what, really, is stability.   I packed all my belongings into a big truck and moved a few months ago.  Things that surround me daily no longer do.  They are just things.  Stuff.  Non-important stuff.  I've realized again what truly matters in life.  Love.  Relationships.  Things bigger than you and me.  Things that last, that is what matters. 
   My co-workers have found themselves in situations much like mine, and in the midst of a life of turmoil and uncertainty they were not wallowing in their woes.  They were giving back.  Making a difference in the lives of people alot worse off then they are.  Giving.  Sacrificing.  Again.  And again.  My friends and old co-workers from American Repertory Ballet have been the backbone of most of the fundraising COME UNITY has done since 2007.  In 07 we raised 6k.  In 08, 7k.  09, 8k.  And this year... when many were exhausted and heart broken we raised close to $12,000 at two performances we did in May.  12k.  It blows my mind.  And lives are being changed on THIS side of the ocean too.  You spend a day using your talent to better lives across the ocean, and you go to sleep with a big old smile on your face.  I'm so thankful for this group.  The future is uncertain, my friends, but who you are is not--- you are beautiful, talented, generous... you are sacrificial, and creative...  the world will surely find a worthy place for you.