You should see the floor of my apartment.  All the items hoping to get packed are strew about my floor so I can see them all in hopes to put some kind of organized order to them all.  Hat, sneakers, deet, meds, bandanas for the really greasy hair days, sweatshirts, headlamp.  Can’t forget the headlamp.  Wow, I feel so fortunate to be going back.  This is my third trip to Africa, first trip to Uganda.  Despite the long hard days there sometimes, the heartache, the dust, the food that I don’t always love---- I feel alive there.  I love walking that soil and somehow I love seeing the truth of the way of life over there.  I love knowing that we are changing lives.  I love being sent from a group of seuch generous givers--- people who believe as much as me that we are making a difference.


I think about coming home again to this apartment--- unpacking the bags and the new stories that I will have to tell.  All those things are just ahead of me, and it is a lot.  Am I ready?  Am I ready to see and meet and experience all this?  Am I ready to come home again completely changed as I have each time I’ve gone? 


This trip will be different for a few reasons.  1, we’re celebrating!  Our borehole (well) in Uganda is done!  We will visit Gulu and the borehole and celebrate with the people, all the while escorted by the folks of Watoto---, check em out.  2, I say we.  We involved my teammate Ashley and I.  So grateful for this girl’s willingness and heart to go.  She has been more than a backbone to COME UNITY and to me-  she’s ready for this, and I’m excited to have her as a partner as we seek what’s next for COME UNITY!  We also means the team from Generosity Water that we are traveling with.  GW helped us build these wells, they are based in LA, and include my fundraising partner in all this, Sol Garcia.  Feel free to check up on us here.  Internet can be not so reliable in Africa, but we’ll do our best to update you J   Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, we already know they’re coming our way!