Since this year we're adding a 6k race in Indiana, we have a whole new team of folks, there in the mid-west on board with making sure our Indiana 6k is a success.  I love the way our teams come to be.  Generous people step forward wanting to be part of what COME UNITY is all about.  They get fired up and bring their gifts and abilities to the table.  They bring new ideas, fresh excitement and a zeal to see COME UNITY succeed.  Our Indiana team is composed of an eclectice group of folks, each with their own passion for what we're all about.  It's neat to see them talk things thru and get to work. 

When people get on board and take ownership of an area of what we're about it feels like something "we" are doing, instead of something that "they" are doing.  I notice it in the verbage when people talk with me about COME UNITY.  "We should...."  or "I'd like us to...." they say, with that excitable twinkle in their eyes.  Those are the on board folks.  Those are the ones we're grateful for.  Is that where you're at with COME UNITY?  Are you part of the family that claims us as your own?   Thank you to those who are.  And if you're not there yet, come join us.  Let us know you'd like to be more involved.  You'd like to join us in saving the world.  Have a few good ideas?  We'd love to hear them and make COME UNITY happen so you can play your best part.