Working overseas comes with many challenges.  For one, the internet in some of the remote places we visit isn't always available.  So communication can sometimes be very drawn out.  Often, I am reminded that I live in an incredibly fast-paced get it done culture--- where its often my way or the highway.  Well, not 'my way'... but, well...  you know what I mean!  This work tests my patience and communication and processes and relationships all happen to a different process than what we deal with here in the US.  We don't get understand even, the things we can take so easily for granted.  The wireless.  Running water.  Fast food.  Winter coats.  Salt.  Soap.  The ability to take a taxi when we don't want to walk, or spend time waiting on the subway.  As we are constantly working on projects and relationships overseas this week I was reminded of the patience needed to do this work.  It is a patience that I am not so good at all the time.  But I am learning.