2012. The year of going big.


Two main things on my mind this morning, as I prepare to head off to McCarter Theatre.  They’ve been selling our goods at their lobby boutique since October, and I’m hoping they want more!


6K!!! Last year we were pretty excited that our race expanded from the bounds of Philadelphia to the rolling hills of the Midwest.  One race in 2010.  Two in 2011. And in 2012, we’re going for four or maybe FIVE races!!!!  Our races usually boast about 200 walkers, runners, stroller pushers and dogs of all sizes, shapes and speeds.  We have around 20 volunteers that make the race happen on that very day.  But, a team of just 8-10 people are really the ones who make it happen.  They work hard, invest time, sweat and hopefully no blood or tears into planning details of the 6k.  Food, signage, web marketing, registration, band, volunteer recruitment, timers, awards, info.  They meet 6 or 7 times before the race and at the end of April 28th, they feel like they WON.  These groups are forming now in Philadelphia (Plymouth Meeting area), Fort Wayne Indiana, Sarasota Florida, Duluth Minnesota, and New Hampshire.  It’s not too late to join.  If you’d like more info about any of those places, let us know--- no commitment required to get more info---  comeunitynow@yahoo.com


EMPLOYMENT.  This year I will become an official COME UNITY employee.  That is crazy and very exciting to say!  Stay tuned in the near future for more details on that.  Come August, I’ll be the official acting Director of COME UNITY.  Most importantly, the next few months will be some important opportunities to start raising funds so that NONE of the donations we bring in at our fundraisers will go towards a salary. Ever.  I plan to raise a salary and those funds will be earmarked specifically for my salary.  We will always be able to look everyone in the eyes at our fundraisers and know their giving is going to where we say it is. 


Look out for more good stuff from CU, coming soon!