How do I sum up the 6ks in a few sentences?  4/30 we were in Indiana.  Jess Petrolati, who coordinates our 6k races, came with me on the 11 hour drive—home.  The perfect place for the hometown crowd.  The team in IN was so well prepared and could have put on an amazing event without us.  But we loved being part of the day, and I had many great conversation with people from a city ready to invest in CU.  Near 150 racers came out to IPFW, ran, walked, pushed strollers around the twisty course.  We had a lead biker.  We were on channel 15 6 and 11pm news. There was an awesome DJ.  Our new friend Ralf, from Angola started the race recounting how many people in his hometown walked miles and miles a day for water.   Many volunteers capped off the day, and our first racer, who happened to be a female!, finished in just over 24 minutes.  We’ll be back FW!

And then there was PA.  We’ve done so many events that we have a handful of trusty volunteers who know how to welcome people, know how to make things happen, know how to prep for the day without being told what to do.  Over 180 racers ran, walked, and the stroller pushers inspired us to think of ‘fastest stroller’ category, complete with trophy, for next year!  Team Bove represented with 15 some shirts, racers and loads of support!  Our kids made dirty water bottles representing the water some kids in Africa drink.  Our winner is 14 and beamed a big smile!  Altogether, we raised over $7,300 for future communities in need J  We are thrilled.

Thank you!!!!  To everyone who played a role in making our 6ks a success!  We are thrilled for your participation, support and love.  We hope you’ll keep updated on where your funds go.

In addition to the fastest stroller category, we’re thinking of the .6k dash for kids 2-10!   Would your little ones like that?  We’ve had requests to put on 6ks as far as Maui---  Minneapolis, Arizona and some other spots.  Can you imagine in three years--- 10 6k races around the country on the same day?  Unity at its best, huh?  COME UNITY at its best, joining together to change the world.  If you’re interested in putting on a 6k where you are, write us: J