Watoto is the swahili word for 'children'. Watoto Children’s Choir...  If you ever have a chance to see them, go.  This organization is incredible.  Five years ago Watoto hosted our team in Uganda. We were building a borehole (well) in northern Uganda and they graciously and safely navigated us through the country and the many people wanting to say hello.  Ashley Hughes and I were impressed with the professionalism of our hosts.  We were also impressed with  their vision of caring for the orphan and the widow.  Instead of raising Uganda’s orphans in an institutional type setting, Watoto raises they in an ‘Watoto village’.  8 children (orphans) are placed in a home with one mom (typically a widow).   They grow up in a home with a mom--- they are raised in a normal family setting and grow up to be well adjusted, respectable, smart citizens of Africa.  Watoto builds lots of these homes in a Watoto village along with a school, rec center and medical clinic. 

Their choirs tour the globe, telling the story of the orphan crisis in Africa.  It is a lot of song and dance, and I dare you not to smile or tap along.  The night they visited us, we had nine generous families willing to host them overnight and dropping them off the next day we heard many stories. “My children woke up at 6am wanting to play with the Watoto kids.” “The choir gave us hugs after breakfast and eats everything on their plates.” “They stripped their beds, folded dirty towels and left them in a little pile.”  It was all around an incredible experience.  Get to know Watoto.


A Watoto documentary: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=watoto+documentary&view=detail&mid=36B92CD17D3E5FEDBCE836B92CD17D3E5FEDBCE8&first=0