I had high hopes of updating this blog really often.  Today I have high hopes again, so what better way to make that happen than by doing it?!  HA.  Its been a big week for COME UNITY. I'm so fired up and have a great team of people all busy working on their own piece of the puzzle to make COME UNITY happen.  Its not just mine anymore.  Its becoming theirs just as much.  And to grow CU that's exaclty it, it has to be bigger than me, bigger than just me and you.  The more we are the more we can do.  My team is all at work finessing the details of the 6k race we're planning for 4/18.  W're working on getting into schools and planning a summer trip and pricing tanks and piping in Kenya and starting a child sponsorship program.  We're thinking a lot about incorportaing as a 501(c)3 organization ourselves, but we have more praying to do on that.  So, my question to you... is what's your part?  What do you bring to the table?  You're interested enough to read this far.... how can we get you involved?  What are your gifts and your passions?  Deep down, when we're using those things we are so filled up---- in the giving we gain so much.  And that's not why we do it, but that is a great reward.  I want to see you get there.
On another note, my heart grives everyday for Haiti.  I wish I could do something.  I feel awfully helpless, so I pray.  I want to build a well there, perhaps that is down the road for us... we shall see.  My greatest hope is that in one week and one month and one year when this country still lies in shambles my heart would still grieve for Haiti.