Water, really, is life.  When a community like Ilbissil, Kenya, has water they can do so much.  They can drink clean safe water.  They can practice good sanitation.  They can cook and bathe.  They can take medications (that often come free from the government) and get well.  They can farm, they can grow crops.  They can sell crops and make a small living.  They can eat what they grow.  Their animals can drink and can be healthy.  They can sell their animals or use them for food.  And on and on and on.

Water changes a entire plot of brown ground into green lushness.  Their skin is clearer, their eyes are brighter. 

One in six people don't have access to clean safe drinking water.  Are you convinced yet?  Clean water will change lives forever.  It can change generations.  Women don't have to walk miles and miles to find water.  Babies live.  People eat.  The sick get well.  Please join this cause.  

Right now, we are praying and thinking about where we go from here.   We are most concerned with working with communities who are transparent, honest, accountable and who will contribute something towards a well.  And, of course, in dire need of clean safe water.

TOP: Pastor John Kiroka of Africa Inland Church of Ilbissil, addressing the girls of Ilbissil Secondary Girls School. BELOW: A young Kenyan girl who loved our attention.

Ilbissil, Kenya and Gulu, Uganda is where we built our first wells.

ILBISSIL is a small Maasai community nearly 30 miles north of the Tanzanian border. 3,000 people reside in the dry desert land of Ilbissil, most of whom are Maasai through and through. A distinguishing characteristic of the Maasai tribe is the importance of cattle in their lives. Another noteworthy factor is that women and girls are not highly valued. Young girls are often married off early, do not get a decent education, and/or undergo the horrible practice of female circumcision.    A borehole at Ilbissil Secondary Girls School will drastically change this community. This school services 300 girls who receive a higher education while giving them hope for a future that most Maasai girls don’t have. The school neighbors Ilbissil Primary School (1200 students) and Africa Inland Church of Ilbissil (150 congregates). We spent the weekend with Pastor John Kiroka, and he is one of the most loving, genuine, honest men in Kenya. We visited the girls at the ISGS and they won our hearts.   

GULU is a small city in northern Uganda.  Gulu has seen a lot of hardship in the past.  There has been clashing and fighting, and for all the over 3,000 people that reside in Gulu, there is no clean water source at all.  We are so pleased to announce that the borehole in Gulu was completed  (9/09) and the small community there in Pece (Pe-chay), now has clean water to drink. (photos below.)

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