This August, COME UNITY is excited to have an official Director! Our Founder and President, Kristin Scott Naylor, will be retiring from her 12 year professional ballet career to devote more of herself to this organization. The Board of Directors is assisting and supporting her through this transition. It is imperative that as COME UNITY grows, the funds raised through donations and fundraisers do not and will never be spent on salaries. We seek to be transparent with all our contributors and to the generous givers at our fundraisers and events, we want to sleep well at night knowing your funds are being spent on what we say they’re being spent on--- our third world partners and communities in need.

That said, we are embarking on a new chapter of COME UNITY. More clean water, more girls in school, more communities sustaining themselves which means more paper work, more fundraisers, more relationships to tend. It can’t be done alone—it will take a team to help us get there. And helping COME UNITY’s Director have an income ensures that we can best do what we are called to do.


- a monthly or quarterly gift a few times per year

- a one-time contribution

Support begins this September. If you are interested in learning more about this Campaign, we’d love to tell you more! Email us,


Contribute a non-monetary gift of monthly prayer support and/or voluteer with COME UNITY.  Any contribution will make a difference.


Thank you so much to those who have already joined in our Campaign!


Read more about the campaign on the Bloggings page.

"In Africa, poverty pushes you into the ground. It compresses you.  It reduces you to something subhuman. It makes you powerless, then mocks you powerlessness by 'subletting' your victim hood.  Disease gets you.  Predatory males exploit you.  Neighbors steal from you.  Dirt, dust and malarial mosquitoes afflict you.  It's not as if this thing is going to pass, or like a phase in your life that will eventually give way.  No.  This is how you live."

James Cantelon

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