Currently, COME UNITY is buildling a borehole in rural Sheda, Ethiopia.  Currenlty, 6,000 people drink water from the dirty river that is there.  We are also excited to add 16 new girls to our Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship began January 1st.


Visit our partner organizations.  See what they're up to:

COMPASSION CORPS.  A Pennsylvania based 501(c)3, and a network of concerned individuals who desire to make a difference for those in need in some of North & West Africa's most difficult places.    www.compassion-corps.com

PROJECT X.  A group of California artists and passionate people who have been our counterparts working towards our first borehold projects.  www.projectximpact.org
Tuungane Amani Kenya.  Our on the ground partners while we reside in the US.  This Dutch based NGO has ensured the success and transparency of our projects while sharing their wisdom and experience about work in Africa.  
 ???s: EMAIL comeunitynow@yahoo.com  
CALL 609.462.9397



Borehole complete: 9/09

Phase II complete: 9/10

Services: 1700 people

Ilbissil is a small Maasai community nearly 30 miles north of the Tanzanian border. 3,000 people reside in the dry desert land of Ilbissil, most of whom are Maasai through and through.  In Maasai culture it is not always common for women and girls to have an education.  Young girls are often married off early, do not get a decent education, and/or undergo the horrible practice of female circumcision.  

PHASE I.  A borehole at Ilbissil drastically changes this community. The Ilbissil Secondary GIrls School school services 300 girls who receive a higher education. The school neighbors Ilbissil Primary School (1200 students) and Africa Inland Church of Ilbissil (150 congregates).  We visited with Pastor John Kiroka, and he is one of the most loving, genuine, honest men in Kenya. We visited the girls at the ISGS and they won our hearts.  Our borehole in Ilbissil was built 10/9/09!  

PHASE II.  The borehole was built over one kilometer from the school because that is the spot the drillers found the most water.  We want these children to be in school, investing in their futures, and not walking back and forth to collect water.  Phase two of this project in Ilbissil included a pump for their well, tanks, and piping so the clean water is readily available. 

PHASE III. We initiated a girls sponsorship program and income generating activities in Ilbissil.  Education and sustainable solutions are the key to moving them out of poverty.  Our 15 sponsor families have nine cows and a women's beadwork initiative that will serve as sustenence and continued education by way of enabling them to pay school fees. 


Borehole complete: 6/10

Services: 300 people

Panchyath Phala village is in Dahod District in the state of Gujarat.  It is approximately 1,400 km (870 miles) from Hyderabad.  

The village population is about 3,000. The villagers are illiterate and poor.  These families still follow the joint family system.  The average family size has between 7 – 9 members.  They are very superstitious.  They do not have a proper knowledge of hygiene and cleanliness.  Diseases are very common because of their unhygienic habits.  They follow traditional medicine for most of their illnesses.  There is a primary school; the children walk 1 km (0.6 miles) distance to attend the school. 

The major problem in this village was not having clean drinking water or a water supply for irrigation.  Our partners surveyed the area and drilled a borehole in an ideal location beneficial to all.  We, along with Project X and Generosity Water, are thankful to be able to help this community and continue to pray against their superstitions and that they will adhere to the new practices of health and hygiene with the clean water they have been taught.


Borehole complete: 12/2010

Services: up to 1000 local women

 COME UNITY provided a pump for the Help A Child Africa Kiserian Project.  What right now looks like a blank slate of land will soon be a center where local women will come to learn agriculture skills, greenhouse benefits, small business practices.  They will learn life skills that will contribute to better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.  This empty plot of land will soon hold a fish pond and therefore the opportunity to learn a different way of life.  Water is the source of all of these projects, and we are excited to return to Africa and see what comes of this exciting new endeavor!

Since 2007, Here's what we have done:


- Joined forces with a number of partners including Generosity Water, Help A Child, Compassion Corps, and Project X.

- Completed five water projects:  Ilbissil, Kenya, Kiserian, Kenya, Gulu, Uganda, Ghana and India.

- Raised $6,000 for food, teacher's salaries, medical expenses, uniforms, mattresses, (etc) in the community of Ongata-Rongai, Kenya.

- Provided educationg through child sponsorships to 15 girls in Kenya.

- Assisted Rider University and Spirit In Motion Ballet Theatre as they raised funds for our well in Ilbissil.

- Held over 12 COME UNITY fundraising events.

- Taken one team of COME UNITY supporters to Kenya.

 - Educated people all over NJ, IN and PA about the need for clean,  safe, drinking water.
-  Been to Kenya five times.

-  Been to Uganda twice.

-  Been to Ethiopia once.

Sheda, Ethiopia

Borehole: In process

Services: 6,000 people

Sheda is a quaint village in rural Western Ethiopia.  Nearly 6,000 people are drinking dirty water from the river there right now.  They are a committed group of people, and committed to helping build this borehole with local materials and labor.  The leaders of this community are instilling hope and good morals into the people of Sheda.  We look forward to completing this project in 2012.



Borehole complete: 9/09

Services: 500 people

Gulu is a small city in northern Uganda, and the Pece Village lies just outside.  Gulu has seen a lot of hardship in the past.  There has been clashing and fighting, and for all the over 3,000 people that reside in Gulu, there is no clean water source at all.  We are so pleased to announce that the borehole in Gulu was completed recently (9/09) and the small community there in Pece (Pe-chay), now has clean water to drink.  


Borehole complete: 6/10

Services: 700 people

Powuako is a farming community in the Western region of Ghana – located in the forest zone.  The people are mainly farmers and produce a majority of the food that is consumed in the capital area.  The land contains gold, bauxite, and other mineral ores which has drawn a lot of the youth and foreign nationals to venture into small and larger scale mining.

Powuako village received a new pump from COME UNITY and our partners since the old pump has been out of service for nearly two years.  Previously, they  fetched water from streams and ponds as alternative sources of water.  The new borehole services 700 people.  The leaders of the community and others were at the commissioning ceremony.  They were provided spiritual encouragement and also advised to avoid immoral behavior.

“We thank you for this project!  Every time we fetch water from this pump, we are reminded of our gratitude to you and your organization.  We have had to deal with several cases of water borne diseases in our village.  Water is life; anyone who brings water carries life and it’s no coincidence that you also share the gospel of life.  May the God who brought you to our community reward you.  Keep doing the good work around other communities such as ours.” -Prince Nkrumah, Assistant Headmaster



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