COME UNITY believes that we all deserve a fair chance at self sustaining life.  A life of struggle to find enough food to eat, walking miles a day to fetch water, a life without education or love is a reality for young people in Africa that  we hope to change.  In the small Maasai community of Ilbissil, Kenya, it is not always common for young girls to go to  school.  They are often married early, committed to a life of raising a family and serving a husband who is often decades older, has many wives and/or sees no value in education.  By providing school fees for these young girls to be educated, you are changing not only her life, but an entire community.



FAR LEFT: Ruth. One of our 15 sponsor girls in Ilbissil, Kenya.


LEFT: Kristin Scott and Child Sponsorship Director, Ashley Hughes, with some of the parents of our Sponsor Girls in Ilbissil, Kenya.


The funds you give to your sponsorship girl go towards her education.  You are providing:

- costs for school fees

- uniforms

- books


- boarding fee

- supplies such as pencils, paper, etc

- visit and maitenence fee (so our local partners can check on the girls once per month)


Your support in her life teaches her that her life is valuable and her education is valuable. Your sponsorship says that you care enough to invest in her future.  She can feel confidant of a future full of hope and opportunities to learn and have a career.Your sponsorship teaches her about commitment and love. You are changing her life.



There are a few ways to give. Sponsoring a child costs just over $1 a day. What could be more worthwhile than the gift of education and a future full of hope?

Give monthly. $42/a month.

Give quarterly. $125/a quarter.

Give yearly. $500/a year.




POKOT.  Pokot is a very dry, remote land and education, especially for young girls, is not common. We visited in July 2011 and met 12-year old girls who's fathers gave a dowry to their husbands and forced them into early marriage.  COME UNITY will partner with Tuumange Amani Kenya and join sponsors from all around the world to provide 16 girls in Pokot an opportunity at education and a better life. Our goal is to have committed sponsors by January 1, 2012. Learn more about the Pokot people,


ADDIS. In 2013, COME UNITY started a sponsorship program for 4-6 year old boys and girls in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city. Nealry 13% of children in Ethiopia are living without one or both parents. Our children are fortunate to have an opportunity for education at such a young age.


If you are ready to commit to your sponsorship child, please email the Supervisor of our Child Sponsorship Program Ashley, at


We encourage you to communicate with your sponsorship child by writing her letters in the mail, and connecting on email if this is something she can access.  Twice a year you will receive reports on how she is doing from a supervisor, and a letter from your sponsor child.  We don’t allow you to send funds or gifts separate from this  sponsorship for various reasons.  Funds are transferred through our local partner, Help A Child Africa, as that ensure they are being specifically directed to where they should be going.  If you have any interest in joining us on a trip to Africa to meet your sponsor child, please let us know and we talk about opportunities to make that happen.  God bless you!

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