COME UNITY presented "The Pointe of Water"  9/12 & 9/13

We are proud to announce that COME UNITY raised nearly $7,000 at our most recent Dunellen and Fringe Fest events.  There was a buzz in the air that was simply tangible.  It felt so good to walk away from that weekend knowing that collectively we had done so much good-- together.  Thank you to all who participated. 

The Pointe of Water is a collection of choreography emerging from the dancers of American Repertory Ballet.  This program extends beyond the bounds of ARB, includes Spirit In Motion Ballet Theatre, and fresh choreography by Laney Engelhard, Kristin Scott, Pedro Gamnio, Jonathan Windham and Jennifer Lott.  You'll be WOWed with the talent in this group, and inspired to join us in our pursuit of raising funds to bring clean safe drinking water to people in Africa. 

If you'd like to send a donation, make checks payable to our Fiscal Sponsor, Compassion Corps.  Write "COME UNITY well project" in the memo line.  Mail checks c/o Kristin Scott to 824 Radcliffe St #2C Bristol, PA 19007.  

 Check out the fringe blog about us:  and visit for more photos!

???s:  Call  609.462.9397     Email

'Its not just the death and dying that kills you, its the living death you see everywhere- people living with relentless deprivation, food, insecurity, grinding poverty, the burden of simply surviving driving them into the ground. How often have we seen little girls 6, 7, 10 year old with their infant siblings strapped on their backs? Sometimes they also have pails of water or sticks of wood or some other load balanced on their head. The bone thin weary widows. The hovels they call home. The skin diseases. The distended bellies- the dust, the dirt, the sewage. You can walk away from it, and you do because unlike them- you can. But you can't forget.'

-James Cantelon

 To see some more smashing photos from our recent event visit and type ajjakea in the login line.  Shots by the talented Ajja DeShayne.

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